Getting Lost

 This week I returned to classes. And let me just say this: I’m lacking sleep already!!

Anyway, on first day I was at the library with my sister and she was telling me about her day.

Sis: …and guess what?!! I spotted a freshman!

Me: you what?

Sis: yeah, I recognized a freshman, I feel so old now!

Me: how do you know it was a freshman?

Sis: Well, the girl was walking really slow, had one of those big colored maps they give you at orientation, and her eyes were huge and darted everywhere. She just looked totally lost and a bit scared. Freshmen get lost. We can find our classes just fine. So how was your day?

Me: *mumbles*

Sis: huh?

Me: I got lost.

Sis: *laughs* did you sit down to watch people to figure out how to get into the building like that one time?!

Me: no. *glares*

I can’t believe she remembers that incident.

See, on my first semester of college, I took an insanely hard math class that I didn’t understand and wasn’t even probably my correct level**. So I struggled. I was so lost that when the instructor told us about a tutoring thing the math department offered, I immediately decided to check it. I was THAT desperate.

The only problem? I couldn’t find the place.

Oh I found the building alright, I mean it’s on the MAP! No, the hard part was finding a way INTO the building.

Yes, yes, at this point you might be questioning WHY college would let me IN on the first place if I can manage to miss a door, and let me tell you –you are not the first one to question that. But on my defence I can only say that math overloaded my little brain and that the door WAS kind of hidden.

The C building sits tucked between buildings A and B on a complex next to the library. It’s a building where classes aren’t held at, but is home instead to floors and floors of long hallways full of tiny tiny offices. Walking with building A to your right, rounding a boxy thing and going down a ramp you can find a small dark lobby that takes you to the first floor. This is where it got tricky to me. The tutors were on the fourth level, but as much as I looked I didn’t find any stairs, or elevator, or magic carpet or anything to take me there. So I went back outside and circled the building a couple of times thinking there might be another way. I even walked THROUGH the boxy thing, which is a room where directly in front of the door you came in you find ANOTHER door that takes you outside to the door leading to the lobby.

At this point, any other person would have probably asked someone where were the stairs. But it was me. So I –and I now know it wasn’t the smartest thing– sat infront of building C to observe how people got to the upper levels.

I sat there for like an hour,.after which I concluded that since people went in and out of the boxy thing, it might be more than originally thougtht. So I approached it with a critical eye. I opened the door, and saw the other door, and was confused for a moment, except that time I also looked to the SIDES and saw…

TWO elevators!

I’ll add that yesterday, as I walked to building B I noticed some white letters painted on the boxy thing. They spelled “ELEVATORS”

But hey, I’m there to LEARN.



**but SAT’s scores said otherwise. Damn all that guessing


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