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State of Timelessness

Posted in personal with tags , , on September 10, 2009 by Cristina

Idon’t know if you have noticed that people don’t wear watches as much anymore. I think cell phones, and what not make them kind of unnecessary.

Still, I’m one of those who DO wear them. As far as I remember I’ve always had one. So to me, wearing a watch is as important as say, wear shoes. It’s probably because of routine, but there’s something comforting about always being aware of the time. Plus, have you seen how useful a watch can be if you ever get lost in a jungle?! Not that I have plans of going to a jungle, but it’s good to be prepared, don’t you think?

Anyway, on Saturday morning, my mom woke me up. Now, I’m not under any circumstances a morning person –and I’m definitely not on my brightest early, so when she came in proclaiming the end of sleep I just did the automatic: groan, turn over, and lift of arm to see watch. And it read five something.

Outrage! No one should be up that early. The sun is not even out! It should be illegal! I made it like that to the shower –mumbling and cursing all the way about the blasphemous morning and the damned early risers. When I got out and was back on my room, a little more awake but still aggravated, my eyes fell on my alarm clock. Those big red numbers spelled “8:27 AM”. That shocked me quite a bit prompting my brain to jump start the production of thoughts. Of course, there weren’t all clear, or smart, but –had I been more than 3 hours on the shower? Really?! I didn’t know hot water would last that long! Why didn’t anyone—

That’s when it occurred to me to look at my watch to find “5:18” and the little thin second hand wasn’t moving. Oh Oooooh. My watch had died. So it WASN’T that early…

So now I’m timeless. Well sort of since I borrowed my sister’s watch. But I find it kind of creepy. The actual watch it’s pretty, and it’s usually quiet, but every once in a while, at completely random moments it starts ticking really loud. The other day, I was lounging on the sofa reading, my sister sitting opposite me reading too, when it started ticking.


Me: Does it always do that?

Sis: what? Me: The ticking, it’s creepy.

Sis: It’s supposed to be creepy. It’s ticking away your life.

Me: …


I want my watch back. But it’ll have to wait until I have money to buy it batteries. In the mean time, I gotta run to class cuz life’s ticking



Posted in musings, school with tags , , , on August 16, 2009 by Cristina

I’m feeling a mixture of alarm and excitement about the impending return to school.

One would think that after so many years of schooling I would already have learned the drill. But I can’t help it. Every beginning of term I become a little bouncy ball of nerves and thrill that fantasizes about the upcoming semester.

I blame years and years of back to school ads.

Back in the day, like in primary school*, the beginning of school inherently meant getting a fresh set of colored pencils to replace the ones I broke/lost, new uniforms that weren’t permanently stained, knee socks that actually stayed on my knees, notebooks with the paste still attached, and books that weren’t completely doodled on! Agony was the time I had to wait since all this was bought until the beginning school. My fingers itched with impatience to use them!**

So, fast forwarding to the present, I think my brain got wired to expect a new set of colored pencils and to be eager for school to start.



Of course, the whole experience has sort of de-sparkled a bit by the fact that it now also means I have to buy hella expensive books, and this semester in particular to pay for a raised tuition.

But still. I can’t wait for school!


*okay I admit, if we consider it’s not THAT way back as it seems to me.

**of course, self-history says the rush lasted about a week.

We Grow Up

Posted in musings, personal with tags , , , , on August 3, 2009 by Cristina

There is no other event that makes you realize quite so abruptly that you are not a kid anymore as a wedding — especially your friend’s wedding.

This weekend one of my closest friends got married.

I mean SHE got MARRIED!!!

Yes, it has been almost a week and I’m still sort in shock about it. My friend got MARRIED! And it’s not like they suddenly decided to do it. No! this was something that had been carefully planned for MONTHS. I mean, they were engaged for a bit more than two years, so this was definitely not a surprise or a reckless and sudden decision. But still, you know? My friend got MARRIED!

I wonder if every time a friend of mine marries I’ll be this shocked. I know I was shocked the last time a friend got married. And the one before that. And the one before. And… the other 4 friends before that?!!!!


If I actually think about it, I’m probably more shocked by the fact that they are my friends –my age and getting married– than the actual marriage thing. I mean, I’m not anywhere near that commitment. No where at all. And I don’t actually want to be. I’m like too immature. But I suppose that’s my decision. And that’s theirs. And everyone has their own idea of how life should be. I think I’m too young to be married. But you know, as long as they are sure about their decisions and those decisions make them happy, there’s nothing else for me to do, except support them and be happy for them too.

Anyway, I think I’m sort of making this thing about me, when I didn’t intended it. Seriously.

Soooo… My friend got MARRIED!!

The wedding was some beautiful affair. It was small, with just close friends and family in attendance, and it was rather quick, but I suspect that the fact that it was a non-religious wedding in Las Vegas might have had something to do with it… My friend just glowed –she radiated happiness– as she walked down the isle accompanied by both of her parents. Her white dress fitted perfectly to her petite figure and her dark hair complemented her milk chocolate eyes. Her smile as wide as I have ever seen. She was perfect. The groom looked handsome in his dark suit. He grinned like crazy the entire time. It was all really sweet.

Then the reception was also quite good, it had excellent food and even better company. You could watch the newly married couple steal glances at each other, and then look away and softly giggle. It was really beautiful. Maybe… just maybe, someday I’ll be ready for that. In the mean time, it makes me happy to see those two totally happy and in love.

On moments like this, when I look back to high school where we met and see now how far my friends have gone, I realize that maybe we have grown up. It’s awesome that we can do it together.

The only thing that’s left to say is [my friend got MARRIED!] that I give them my Best Wishes.