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Posted in musings, school with tags , , , on August 16, 2009 by Cristina

I’m feeling a mixture of alarm and excitement about the impending return to school.

One would think that after so many years of schooling I would already have learned the drill. But I can’t help it. Every beginning of term I become a little bouncy ball of nerves and thrill that fantasizes about the upcoming semester.

I blame years and years of back to school ads.

Back in the day, like in primary school*, the beginning of school inherently meant getting a fresh set of colored pencils to replace the ones I broke/lost, new uniforms that weren’t permanently stained, knee socks that actually stayed on my knees, notebooks with the paste still attached, and books that weren’t completely doodled on! Agony was the time I had to wait since all this was bought until the beginning school. My fingers itched with impatience to use them!**

So, fast forwarding to the present, I think my brain got wired to expect a new set of colored pencils and to be eager for school to start.



Of course, the whole experience has sort of de-sparkled a bit by the fact that it now also means I have to buy hella expensive books, and this semester in particular to pay for a raised tuition.

But still. I can’t wait for school!


*okay I admit, if we consider it’s not THAT way back as it seems to me.

**of course, self-history says the rush lasted about a week.



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There has been some talk lately about covers. And among other things that has sort of brought me to think about how I imagine characters on books.

I confess that when I read the sample bits of Justine Larbalestier’s Liar I thought Micah was white.


So I read the excerpts again and, you know, Justine does a great job describing stuff! So the fact that I overrode what she wrote tells you a lot more about my default imaginings of characters than anything else.

And let me tell you, I can’t wait to get my little eager hands on that book!

But anyway, I came back from reading the bits with an urge to draw Micah.

So I did.

and if you sort of squint…



Posted in musings, school with tags , , on August 9, 2009 by Cristina

I have read one or two things about how to handle criticisms of your work –mostly from authors talking about books, but you know –same feeling.

I actually don’t have a problem with people giving me criticisms. Okay. Okay. Lets be honest, sometimes I do when they are totally negative, or personal, but hey who likes to be told “you suck!”? Anyway, I’m an art student, and people seeing and judging what I do is part of the package. Hell, it’s part of class. It’s how I learn. If I couldn’t take it, then I would long be gone from the art department [let‘s forget a moment here my double majoring thing]. The thing is that I’ve learned and accepted that you can’t please everyone, and that sometimes negative reviews can bring up excellent points.

No. The [my] problem here is when you have to give criticisms to OTHERS. I’ve heard the most difficult thing is to self-criticize and analyze what works and what doesn’t with your own stuff. And sometimes that’s true. It’s too easy to hear what your mom says and believe your are a GENIUS! And that your work is a MASTERPIECE! But most of the time I’m a harsh self judge [and cuz she is my mom –I don’t believe her praise. Sorry Mom!].

But criticizing others… man, that’s difficult. I’ve gotten somehow used to do it in class. It’s something we all have to do, and that we don’t [try to] take personally. But what about when friends ask you to revise their work? And I’m not just talking art here, for some weird reason people ask me to look at projects, essays, novels, you name it. There’s usually no problem when they are good. Or when they just need some editing and polishing, BUT when they SUCK with a capital S is there a way to say it nicely? I’m of the belief that, no matter what you do, to be good you have to practice. So I advise that. That You suck? Well, keep trying! But somehow that message sounds mean –even when I try whatever means to make it less so.

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen people have their dreams get crushed by a harsh critic [not my doing, I swear!], but I fear the moment I become a dream crusher. Yeah, I worry about that stuff. I mean, should I tell them the truth so they can potentially make it better? Or would that hurt them? Should I just lie? And that’s not taking into account the insecurities about my qualifications –I’m NOT qualified!. I mean what if I’m wrong?! What if I tell them they suck [as nicely as possible, of course] and I’m WRONG? Oh Questions, questions! The truth is …sometimes [most of the time] I moderate my comments depending on the person.

Does that make me a wuss? Probably.


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If you ever been to Las Vegas most likely than not you might have encountered billboards. You might probably then have noticed that most of those are about strip clubs, money loans, or jail bonds, and even more to the point they contain almost naked people. It’s one of those things that once you live here you stop noticing.
But today, as I drove by a place I pass by so often it’s almost routine I couldn’t help noticing a new billboard. No, it didn’t have any naked people on it. In fact, I noticed it because it had that one painting of George Washington crossing the Delaware. Next to it, on the right side, it said “By George, we did it!” and then below it, it said “Leadership: pass it on” –or something like that.

So for some reason it stuck with me, and I been thinking about it since then.

About what the ad really means.

But the more I think about it, the more I realize I don‘t understand it.

At first I understood it to say that leadership was something to share, like something you can achieve and then help someone achieve it too. Only, I don’t know, but I don’t think leadership is something you can actually transfer. Like I think you can teach a person leadership skills, but ultimately it is something that each person has to acquire and decide to have. And anyway, I don’t think everyone can or should be a leader. I just don’t think it’s viable. Mind, that’s not saying people should just follow like sheep. I definitely think you should question your leaders…

And then, once I sort of thought more about it, I wondered what it mean to “pass it on”. Like, is it saying you should let leadership up to others? Like pass up the opportunity to lead? Is it saying you shouldn’t be up for leadership?

What is this billboard trying to say?

Anyway, I’m probably over thinking this thing just because it hasn’t been long since I’ve heard people say they are in “leadership” positions when they are just actually an RA… but still

I digress. So I’m going to stop writing. But I’m still WTF about it.